Financial Advice To Swear By In Your 20’s

Your 20s are a time of opportunity and freedom. It’s a time where you no longer have your parents to support you, and you’re definitely struggling a little.

At a time like this, when you’re left unsupervised with only a bank account at columbia bank Sayreville to your name, there are a few financial steps you can take to make things a little easier.

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  1. Establish A Budget

Not having your parents around means there is a limited flow of cash. You’re probably working tough hours and making less money than you’re used to having. In a situation like this, a budget becomes essential.

Set aside money for everything you consider essential, from rent and food to your Netflix subscription. Doing this makes things a little easier for you, as long as you stick to the budget!

  1. Get Insured

There is no telling where and when bad luck strikes. Say there’s an impromptu trip to the emergency room or some damage to your car; insurance can save you thousands of dollars. Getting insurance is incredibly important, especially in times like these.

  1. Make A Debt-Repayment Plan

Chances are you’re going to have debt at some point in your 20s. Whether this is a student loan or a credit card bill, debt is debt. Letting payments pile up is a sure-fire way to get yourself in trouble. Make sure you sit down and draw up a debt-repayment plan and stick to it!

  1. Build An Emergency Fund

Even with insurance, there’s no telling when there can be an emergency. Maybe it’s an unaccounted expense or just a little too much retail therapy, but an emergency fund is always useful. It doesn’t have to be a large sum, but it’s always useful to have some extra money lying around.

  1. Get Your Financial Documents In Order

Make sure you have your documents in place and accessible. This includes your birth certificate, investment accounts, banking papers, and insurance policies. You’re always going to need them!


Your 20s can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Incorporating a few of these steps goes a long way in making life easier for you!